Actress shares a handful of new missives on Twitter

The elusive artist shares three new tracks via Sendspace.


As he is prone to do on occasion, Actress has shared three new tracks on his Twitter page.

Titled treFManuel and jumpyju, they're all short sketches more than full tracks. One of them, unexpectedly, is a weird, fake guitar jam.

He's since deleted one of the original tweets (although a helpful manual retweet has preserved it), but the link to the track still remains. The other tweets are still intact, too.

It's unlikely that these three tracks will appear on Actress's forthcoming album 'Ghettoville', given they're not listed on the tracklist.

In other Actress news, his music is set to appear in a short film called Scriptura Vitae on Channel 4 tonight (October 22nd) at 00:25am as part of their Random Acts segments. The film, commissioned by Protein TV, also features original music by Diplo.

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