Actress – Rainy Dub & Faceless [stream]

London producer of note uploads clips of new material.


Words by: Charlie Jones

London’s recent bass diaspora has few more fascinating or talented figures than Darren Cunningham, who records under the name Actress. Head of Werk Discs, he released his second album, the astounding ‘Splazsh’, through Honest Jon’s last year, and has been promising new material for a while, even tweeting a bunch of tunes under the name Paralell World over the summer. But it’s with no little excitement that we post up the below two songs, taken from the Honest Jon’s Soundcloud page, which appear on a new 12”, and will be on his third album, expected in early Spring 2012.

Actress Rainy Dub (clip) by Honest Jons

Actress – Faceless (clip) by Honest Jons

Honest Jon’s released Actress’s Faceless / Rainy Dub today

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