Actress – IWAAD

Watch a digital world in looping decay in this unofficial video to highlight from Actress's 'R.I.P.' album.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

A monochrome world in constant digitalised flux, looping between abstract states, is how 3D artist Nic Hamilton envisioned Actress’s IWAAD from his new album ‘R.I.P.’ in this unofficial video. Funnily enough, it resonates with something Actress himself recently said on Twitter: “Reverse decay”.

On his Tumblr, Hamilton explains that it’s “an attempt to present something so obviously digital in a more incomplete processed state, something I hope links aesthetically with the looping sonic haze and relentless pressure of the song. Patterns and forms emerging from flashing lights, blurred visions, high contrast and a sense of mania.”

Honest Jon’s released Actress ‘R.I.P.’ on 23rd April 2012

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