Actress and London Contemporary Orchestra join forces on new album


After releasing his exceptional AZD album in 2017, which found its way into our albums of the year list at the end of last year, Actress aka Darren Cunningham is linking up with the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) once again on a full-length album via Ninja Tune called LAGEOS. The announcement follows their collaborative EP Audio Track 5 which last September. First performing at the Barbican in 2016, the respective parties' kinetic relationship and cross-pollination of classical and electronic music is set to be explored further on the new record.

“In many ways the collaboration is about exploring an ambiguity of sound that sits between electronic and acoustic spaces; something that we’re aiming to push further as part of the live shows”, says the LCO’s Hugh Brunt of the collaboration. “For much of the set we look to realise as close as possible the timbres and colours of Actress’ electronics through acoustic means (which he in turn responds to); something of a physicalisation of those synthesised or sampled sounds."

LAGEOS is set to be released on May 25th and will be followed by a joint performance at the Barbican on May 26th.

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