Listen to all of Acéphale Records’ records

Ace label Acéphale have uploaded all of their releases to Soundcloud, which means you can stream them in all their glory here.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The interesting thing about Acéphale Records is that they don’t fit into any of the grooves you might expect them. Often described as a “fashionable” label, they don’t do anything themselves to perpetuate this image beyond release good music in nice sleeves. There is no overriding trend here, only irreverent and really, really good music – music like the sombre Pure X, the formidable Korallreven, the blissful Porcelain Raft and the slam of Salem.

This is what makes the catalogue worth celebrating, and thankfully that is exactly what you can do, as of this week, since the label have uploaded all of their records to Soundcloud .

You can listen to the entire rollercoaster of their releases here:


CFCF – You Hear Colours/Invitation To Love – ACE002 by Acéphale

Memory Cassette – Call & Response EP – ACE004 by Acéphale

Memory Tapes – Seek Magic – ACE005 by Acéphale

Memory Cassette – Calls & Responses – ACE004A by Acéphale

Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology – ACE006 by Acéphale

Kingdom – Mind Reader – ACE007 by Acéphale

Pure X – Voices – ACE008 by Acéphale

Korallreven – The Truest Faith – ACE009 by Acéphale

Sail A Whale – Documentation – ACE012 by Acéphale

Porcelain Raft – Tip Of Your Tongue – ACE013 by Acéphale

Korallreven – Honey Mine – ACE014 by Acéphale

Pure X – You’re In It Now EP – ACE015 by Acéphale

Porcelain Raft – Gone Blind EP – ACE016 by Acéphale

Porcelain Raft – Gone Blind Remixes – ACE016B by Acéphale

Porcelain Raft – Tip Of Your Tongue Remixes – ACE013A by Acéphale

Pure X – Pleasure – ACE017 by Acéphale

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