Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab // Gazelle Twin

Next up to tame the synth stack is supermarket aisle stalking producer and Anti-Ghost Moon Ray affiliate, Gazelle Twin.


Words by: Natalie /

Who: Gazelle Twin aka Elizabeth Bernholz.

What she gets up to: self-taught musician, composer and producer with a penchant for mystery (and blue tracksuits with white socks).

Where you'll find her: Stalking the aisles of supermarkets.

A bit more background: Gazelle Twin is Elizabeth Bernholz’s ‘creation’ and performance persona. Actively releasing music since 2010, her releases have mainly been via blog-meets-label Anti-Ghost Moon Ray art collective including her debut album, 'The Entire City'. Gathering rapid momentum last year, her sophomore album ‘UNFLESH’ was released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and Last Gang Records last September and scooped  The Quietus’ Album Of The Year 2014. Gazelle Twin also lent her dusky vocals to AMC’s The Walking Dead series five finale earlier this year, with a toned-down cover of Love and Mercy by Brian Wilson, released on Universal Republic Records. She’s not limited to a sound either; the Gazelle Twin aesthetic can be spotted a mile off, muted salmon artwork slicked with moody or limp poses struck in her trademark blue tracksuit…with the occasional bit of ribby raw meat. What’s more, Elizabeth is no stranger to the towering synths; having spent time in the Moog Sound Lab during the Supersonic Festival earlier this year, performing I Feel Blood with a creepy stocking wrapped over her face.

What to expect from her performance:  Gazelle Twin stated in an interview with Moog that using the Sound Lab at Supersonic Festival took her back to being a kid in a museum, “All those juicy buttons and coloured leads, my hands leaping off spontaneously to touch it all. I was getting heart palpitations, salivating etc…all the signs of something good and exciting.” With this we’re kind of expecting Gazelle Twin to be feeling at home within the Ace Hotel furnished, synth-filled haven from the word go. Already enthused by the set-up, we hope the end piece will be just as interesting as Gazelle Twin herself – juggling past Moog Sound Lab experience with a few new tricks for a fresh and artistic approach.

Hook yourself up to Gazelle Twin’s ‘UNFLESH’ to delve into her psyche and check out what else is coming this month in the Moog Sound Lab takeover of Ace Hotel here.

Keep your eyes on Miranda and Ace Hotel social media channels to see how Gazelle Twin will wrap up her stint in the Moog Sound Lab (info).