Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab // Andy Blake

Introducing the first artist to take up residency in Ace's synth-filled boudoir - unconventional party planner and multi-tasking musician Andy Blake.


Words by: Natalie /

Who: Andy Blake.

What he gets up to: club night promoter extraordinaire, DJ and commander of crowds, producer and label head.

Where you'll find him: London (including a dungeon in SE5).

A bit more background: There really should be a Little Black Book in publication documenting DJ, producer, culty label boss and London club night connoisseur Andy Blake's various party lives. With a thirst for throwback hedonism, Blake is most famously known as an unconventional party planner whose repertoire includes SE5 dungeon club night series World Unknown run with accomplice Joe Hart. The penchant for simply enjoyable parties was beautifully described in a Dummy conversation between Andy and Friendly Fires' Jack Savidge last year where he stated, "You can't knock a good community tribal dance…it's one of the best things that humans ever invented."

Alongside providing people with out-of-the-box spaces to dance; Andy has also fronted labels including In Plain Sight, Dissident and harvested in his own musical crop via the primal presidence of the Cave Paintings series. There's a feeling at Dummy that he could lend himself to pretty much anything and make it an elevating experience.

What to expect from his performance:  Prior to Andy entering the synth-stacked Ace Hotel bedroom he will call home for the next few days, bearer of the Moog Sound Lab key Paul Smith added to the anticipation with a few words of excitement. "I met Andy by accident only last year, checked his magikal minimalist 'tronic 'Cave Paintings' 12" series, and came away wondering 'what would this guy do given three days and nights with a mechanical legal high generator and a giant synth!'" We have a feeling Andy's Moog composition will be an unselfish, crowd considering, transcending experience tailored for movement (and nicely complimented by the 'drugless-trip' Dream Machine).

If you're not already, get yourself familiar with Andy's impeccably refined tastes via this timeless disco driving mix for Fieldwork and check out what else is coming this month in the Moog Sound Lab takeover of Ace Hotel here.

Andy Blake spends four days and nights in the Moog Sound Lab before performing his musical creation on August 5th at Ace Hotel's Miranda Bar (info and tickets)