Ableton enter on-the-go producing space with new app Note

Producers like Jacques Green, ELKKA and Simo Cell have already commemorated the app...


Words by: Billy Ward

Ableton has released its first iOS app, Note, confirming the Berlin company’s move into the on-the-go music production space.

The new music sketching app allows users to create tracks from their iPhone while on the move, providing a tool for producers to flesh out early ideas and bring their thoughts to life in a user-friendly way.

“Note is a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction,” Ableton say on their website.  “As part of your regular music-making routine, it can help you hone the skill of starting or ease into a creative headspace at the start of a session.”

The company is encouraging people to “get your idea out or play until you find one”, using Note’s built-in selection of drum kits, melodic instruments and synth sounds. Users can also create their own sound palettes by recording the environment around them directly into Note’s sampler instruments.

Note allows users to continue and build upon their ideas in Ableton Live, using Ableton Cloud to transfer the music without leaving the app.

“Note uses instruments and devices from Ableton Live. Play synth lines with melodic presets, finger-drum beats using Drum Sampler kits, and create instrumental melodies with Melodic Sampler instruments,” the company adds. “Use Reverb, Delay and Chorus-Ensemble to give your sounds space and depth, or play with colour and texture using Saturator, Redux and Phaser-Flanger.”

Note is already proving to be a popular addition to the Ableton family, with producers like Jacques Green, ELKKA and Simo Cell showing their excitement about the app on social media. “Thank you for dropping this as I’m at the airport for a long flight,” Greene posted on Twitter earlier today.

The app currently costs £4.99 on the iOS App Store and is available to download now. Ableton added on social media this morning that while the app is currently only available on iOS, “we’ll be paying close attention to how the music-making app space continues to develop” in regards to launching on Android.

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