A$AP Rocky is absolutely certain to be huge

Harlem rapper who we are 100% behind has signed to a major label, as rumoured.


Words by: Charlie Jones

23-year-old A$AP Rocky, one of the freshest voices in hip hop, has signed Polo Grounds Music, a division of 110-year old label RCA. A$AP Rocky’s thing is coming from Harlem, using bits of Houston screwed music, dressing well and being very, very good. His should be bringing out his debut album / new mixtape ‘Live Love ASAP’ very soon, produced by his boy A$AP Ty Beats.

A$AP Rocky had this to say: “I feel great about the new deal; I believe it was destined and with a label like Polo Grounds & RCA behind me I don’t see anything stopping us,” stated A$AP Rocky. “I wanted go with the right partner that can help get a bigger platform to get me and my A$AP crew’s music and movement out. I expect to be in the same league as today’s most relevant artists, and there are just some things you can’t do on your own. The plan is to not only release great music, culture, and style for myself and A$AP worldwide, but to also be the next major artist/exec in the business and make great business men out of my brothers.”

Bryan Leach, founder of Polo Grounds, added, “I haven’t seen an unsigned artist with this much hustle and confidence since I signed Pitbull & Lil Jon and Rocky being from Harlem (as I am) was gravy! He dares to be himself which I love and will support fully. He’s also created great alliances and built a solid unit. Winning Rocky & his team’s confidence was not easy or fast but as they are partners I will make sure everything remains in his hands.”

The editor of this foamed at the mouth about him recently, as did the New York Times.

[Cheers for the quotes, rap-up.com]

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