A. G. Cook – HAD 1 (Club Mix)


Words by: Anthony Walker

Belgian label Folie Douce released their first 'Cold Confessions' mixtape earlier this week, a free compilation of new music from a group of artists who frankly tend to empathise with rather than really understand the styles of music they try to adapt.

Of the nine tracks – which included contributions from S-Type, Jubilee and P.Morris (formerly known as Morri$) – the one that really stands out is a piece of chipmunk pop by A. G. Cook, a producer who runs PC Music and is part of the small swell of bright pop-contortornists mainly based around London (see also: Felicita, Palmistry and SOPHIE). His club mix of HAD 1 is a loose squelchy thing with a prophetic Wiley sample – a streak of colour in a world of grey. Stream it on the Dummy player and download it for free here.

Folie Douce released 'Cold Confessions' on February 3rd 2014.