50 Cent has made some headphones, will sign them for you if you ask him nicely

Rapper releases headphones and offers to write on them for you when you pop down to the O2 Centre.


Words by: Charlie Jones

50 Cent is releasing his own headphones. Produced by his company SMS Audio, the “By 50” range looks really quite nice. They come in three stlyes, wired and wirefree, and you can read about them on their website. London-based readers, if they buy them from an O2 shop, and pop down to the O2 Centre in London on Thursday, the 37-year-old rapper will sign them for you. You can even chat to him for a bit, if you fancy.

Dr Dre, Ludacris, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z have all recently released their own headphones. SMS Audio marks the latest business venture for Fiddy, who also makes films through his company Cheetah Vision and makes charity energy drinks called Street King.

As a reminder that the guy can really, really rap, here’s the video for his breakthrough, How To Rob.

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