vi0let’s lavish pop anthem ‘Audience’ is about realising your self-worth

It's the second slice from the singer's upcoming debut EP

28.07.22, Words by: Billy Ward

London-by-way-of-Brighton songstress vi0let is finally rolling out the music she’s spent the last year perfecting. After dropping her Jymenik-featuring ‘Over and Over’ back in May, vi0let returns with ‘Audience’, the latest single from her forthcoming debut EP.

Showing off her golden melodies and emotive songwriting ability, the new track effortlessly infuses R&B, pop and elements of hip-hop – a melting pot of sounds the singer has been working hard to make her own. 

Produced by James Berkeley, ‘Audience’ recounts a story of realising your true meaning to someone. vi0let uses the term audience as a metaphor of having to play the role of someones emotional crutch. 

Its almost like they dont really see you for you. They just want your reaction to feel better about themselves,” the singer says about her latest offering: “Feeling so replaceable yet so tied down can feel really confusing and writing this song, using all these metaphors to describe the polar opposite behaviours of this person, really helped me understand my role in this situation. Its actually not about a romantic relationship.

“It describes multiple friendships and family members, which can sometimes be even more painful to deal with. I didnt want this track to be a sad one, I felt quite powerful writing it when I finally realised the role I was playing for other people. By the end of the song I say ‘Seems like its easier when I go, blocking out the life you never tried so I pack up my bags maybe youll grow.’ Which is my way of coming to terms that its sometimes better to remove yourself and wish them the best.”

With ‘Audience’ being the second glimpse from her upcoming debut EP, there is much more in store from the rising songstress as the year progresses. 

Watch the lyric video for ‘Audience’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Audience’ by vi0let is out now on Nü Inc. Sound via DMY.

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