Tom Rose - Berghaus

Amorphous electronic mists from the UK musician and composer, lifted from a debut release on Slip Discs.

When not running Manchester’s ddmmyy event series, musician and composer Tom Rose helps to run experimental label Slip Discs – the imprint responsible for Leo Abrahams and Oliver Coates’ outstanding sound design album ‘Crystals Are Always Forming’ last year. Rose’s first release is due in the form of ‘SPLIT’, an, ahem, split release with composer and collaborator Chaines. From ‘SPLIT’, here’s Berghaus: an amorphous, hard-edged electronic composition, unwilling and uninterested in defining itself fully. Its clipped, cascading beatwork hints at taking recognisable shape, before being repeatedly overpowered by unforgiving swathes of frost-hit, misty atmospherics. Stream it below.

Slip Discs will release ‘SPLIT’ this month.

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