TĀLĀ & Mssingno – Tell Me (Feat. WA$$UP)

11.09.15, Words by: Sean Murray

Last month, TĀLĀ aired a new collaboration with Sylas titled Praise. Today, the London-based producer has announced details of a forthcoming collaborative project ‘MALIKA’, as well as sharing a new single with Mssingno and WA$$UP titled Tell Me.

Described as "an eclectic body of work," 'MALIKA' will feature songs with BANKS, Atiye, Sadat & Alaa Fifty, with TÃLàas chief producer and vocalist. Speaking about the project, TÃLà had this to say:

‘Exploring, discovering and experiencing new music and cultures is a really important aspect of my life and influenced my music from a very early stage. I hope everyone enjoys the varied cast of characters involved and feels a connection to the journey of MALIKA….‘I love to collaborate; orchestrating MALIKA took me around the world working with some amazing producers, rappers, singers and instrumentalists from Turkey, Egypt, Korea and the US as well as the UK.’

Listen to Tell Me above and revisit our Next feature with TĀLĀ from earlier in 2015.

'MALIKA' tracklist:

1. TĀLĀ & MssingNo feat. WA$$UP – Tell Me (말해줘)  
2. TĀLĀ feat. Banks – Wolfpack
3. TĀLĀ feat. Sadat & Alaa Fifty – Enta Ayez (You Wish)
4. TĀLĀ – Passport Pimpin’
5. TĀLĀ feat. Atiye – As I Am (Olduğum Gibi)
6. TĀLĀ & Sylas – Praise

TĀLĀ will release 'MALIKA' on September 30th through Columbia Records (pre-order).

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