Stream: Hejira – ‘Rituals IV’


Ahead of their appearance at Dummy Presents: TRAUM this Wednesday April 13th, the South London collective's founders Hejira share 'Rituals IV'. A blissful two-tracker, it sees Hejira add their own spike to a Wyles & Simpson track Prophetise, as well as a moody re-envisioning of Prince's Little Red Corvette.

Listen to both tracks below and find out a little about the making of 'Rituals IV' in a quote from Hejira after the jump.
In Hejira's own words:
"Prophetise is a rework we did of a song by a great duo called Wyles & Simpson, who have featured at our TRAUM events before. The Prince cover came about completely by accident one day when I was experimenting with a new four-track tape machine we have in the studio. I was playing about with a function that allows the tape to play back at a slower speed, and I liked the effect this slowing down of the audio had on the music that we had previously recorded. As I listened to the warped tape, I walked over to the piano and played an F-major chord…for some reason Little Red Corvette started playing in my head and I just decided to roll with it from there! The whole recording was completed on the four-track tape recorder."

Listen to 'Rituals IV' now on Bandcamp (info) and catch Hejira as part of Dummy Presents: TRAUM on April 13th at Miranda, Ace Hotel London (free with RSVP). 


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