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We've been fans of CLUBCHAI resident, DJ and curator 8ULENTINA for a while now, catching serious feels from their Rosewater mix and the more recent Bailewave mix for Thump Brazil. Teaming up with another favourite, Watford and Paris based independent label Tobago Tracks, the pair present 'DISMISS U'. An expertly collated compilation, it sees 8ULENTINA and a bevy of cherry-picked femme producers unite to create an aural chain that dismisses geographical constraints.

The result is a bubbling nine-tracker of expansive noise experimentation, embracing diasporia narratives via a host of non-western samples and vocals and showing solidarity against sticking to singular locations or genres. From Kibz Selcuk's swarming and menacing mass Bülent + Nicki And Dick In Your Face TFTTF through to Nargiz's seductive eastern cut O'youn Oyun, this is sound without barriers.

8ULENTINA describes the ease of coordinating 'DISMISS U' from afar with Tobago Tracks, resulting in the compilation finding its home sweet home on the label. Celebrating its release today, you can stream the project in full below and find out more about 8ULENTINA's curation process in the short interview below.

Tell us more about 'DIMISS U', how did the project come about?

8ULENTINA: "'DISMISS U' is a compilation curated by 8ULENTINA for Tobago Tracks featuring seven producers: foozool, DJ Haram, Kibz Selcuk, Maieli, Mohini, Nargiz and myself. I made a mix for the Tobago Tracks mix series in June. I stayed in communication with Robert (DJ Pitch) and he approached me with the idea of curating a compilation of tracks for Tobago Tracks. I know a lot of artists who are making really exciting work in relation to diaspora and sound, so wanted to put them on on a project together that wasn’t focused on a single geographical location or genre."

How did you go about choosing which artists to contribute?

8ULENTINA: "The artists on the compilation are both close friends of mine who I've had the opportunity to collaborate and perform shows with and artists whose work I’ve followed and admired from afar. I've been following the work of foozool, DJ Haram, Kibz Selcuk, Maieli  Mohini, Nargiz for a while now. Foozool and I have collaborated on mixes in the past and we currently throw Club Chai together in Oakland, CA. Kibz Selcuk is one of my best friends whose work I first encountered on tumblr, we met a few years ago and have been close supporters of each others work ever since. I went on a mini east cost tour to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore for #KEFTOUR with DJ Haram and Nargiz in August 2015 and got to know the both of them and their work more during that time. DJ Haram also played at the first Club Chai in January. I have been following MOHINI’s art and tracks through her SoundCloud and tumblr. I found Maieili’s mixes and edits online and as well. They are all artists I respect a lot and wanted to put on a project together."

I'm not sure whether all the producers are female here, but seeing a few I know that are – was this important in putting the release together?

8ULENTINA: "All of the producers on the compilation are female or femme identifying. I am non-binary but identify as femme and wanted to curate something that centers a feminine perspective within the non western diaspora."

How would you describe the sound of 'DISMISS U' as a whole? Does it fit into a 'genre category' or is that something it also dismisses?

8ULENTINA: "'DISMISS U' approaches sound/noise experimentation and diaspora narratives from an expansive yet dismissive perspective. The producers on this compilation dismiss borders and boundaries set by western standards. It's a sonic dialogue highlighting difference within the diaspora in resistance to generalisations and false notions of solidarity. The compilation engages with the internet and technology as tools for survival, platforms for our creative work and ways to connect and alter our respective sonic archives."

"'DISMISS U' is a sonic dialogue highlighting difference within the diaspora in resistance to generalisations and false notions of solidarity." – 8ULENTINA

Why was Tobago Tracks the perfect home for 'DISMISS U'?

8ULENTINA: "Tobago Tracks was the perfect home because they have been supporting my work and keeping track of it for the past few months. I felt like I could have a solid dialogue organising a project with them from afar."

Do you think the internet has improved the way women/femmes can make music in general?

8ULENTINA: "That's a big question, which I can answer from my own experience. I think the internet has definitely helped women and femmes access technology and music production software that hasn't been easy to access and learn in the past. I came across the work of the majority of the artists on this compilation online and have had countless dialogues about music and diaspora online. I archive and sample non-western music that I wouldn’t have been able to easily use without my access to the internet. I also think the internet has made it easier for white women/people to steal from women of color and femmes of color. The internet makes appropriation and erasure really easy and that is very frustrating to me."

 "The internet makes appropriation and erasure really easy and that is very frustrating to me." – 8ULENTINA

Any last words or shout outs?

8ULENTINA: "Thanks Dummy for your interest in this project! Shout out to Tobago Tracks and everyone on DISMISS U, I'm so grateful for all the work on this compilation!"

'DISMISS U' is out April 4th on Tobago Tracks (buy).

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