Slackk, TSVI, Scratcha DVA and more drop Bandcamp releases amid coronavirus outbreak

It's one way to support artists hit hard by the current pandemic...

17.03.20, Words by: Felicity Martin

With the live music industry put on hold as clubs are forced to close and festivals are cancelled, DJs and producers are looking for ways to support themselves through the spread of COVID-19.

Arguably some of the people hit hardest financially by the pandemic, self-employed producers are turning to Bandcamp to upload new releases.

Update (18/03/20): Bandcamp has announced it will be waiving its revenue share for 24 hours from this Friday, March 20th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) in a bid to support musicians.

Hyperdub is giving all money from sales of releases on Bandcamp directly to their artists who have been affected by cancelled shows and club nights until the end of the month. Browse their catalogue here.

Slackk has put out a pay-what-you want mixtape, ‘Something On My Mind’. It’s “a DJ Slacko tape. not sure where it came from really but bored of it sitting in my itunes doing nothing. free!” he says.

TSVI has put together a release featuring old and previously unreleased music. “Like everyone else who’s self employed I’m currently facing uncertain and tough times, so I’ve decided to put some unreleased music up on bandcamp,” he says.

Scratcha DVA’s ‘Dnt Panic’ bundle includes a track named ‘Influenza VIP’.

Karen Nyame aka KG put out the immensely heavy ‘Sensei’ EP via Goon Club Allstars.

This compilation by South Space Records sees contributions from T5UMUT5UMU, Lxury and more.

London’s Sweet Boy Records have put out this ten-track Pleasure Wars mixtape.

Other artists, such as Skee Mask, have linked to Bandcamp lists to encourage listeners to buy music through the site. Find his (‘here’s everything i ever bought on bandcamp (almost 3000 items), feel free to dig through and support some artists or get confused with my taste’) here.

Other artists putting out great releases on online platforms include Yazzus with her ‘Delta Wave‘ EP.

We’ll be updating this as we go.

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