Samoyed – Malamute [mp3]


Dundee electronica producer Samoyed offers a melancholic, downbeat ambient track, Malamute, for download. It is taken from this latest ‘Spit’ EP via Astro:Dynamics, due out on 17th October.

According to Samoyed, the aim of the EP is “an attempt to express something internal and complicated. Just me being a big melter as usual; pissed, weepy-faced and shouting at the wind.” He explained, “When i recorded Malamute last winter there had been feet of snow on the ground for weeks. It was so cold that my headphone cable froze and snapped when I trudged out for a walk. But everywhere was bright and quiet and sad and I think Malamute was probably me trying to capture something of that.”

Malamute’s sparse drum beats and floating, forlorn vocals both make it a slowburner. Make sure you give it a few listens.

Samoyed – Malamute by DummyMag

Astro:Dynamics will release Samoyed’s ‘Spit’ EP on 17th October, 2011

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