‘Really in Love’: Roma Radz’ debut EP solidifies her status as the future of hyperpop

"People should be able to find a song within it to represent how they are currently feeling..."

08.09.22, Words by: Billy Ward

It’s been just over a year since Roma Radz dropped her Y2K anthem ‘Token’, a track that would single-handedly change the trajectory of her career and place her name in the spotlight as one of hyperpop’s most exciting up-and-coming talents. Fast forward 14 months and the London-based songstress has finally delivered on her promise of a debut EP, turning in her most revealing and boundary-defying work to date ‘Really in Love’.

For someone who started making music as part of a university project, it’s impressive how Radz has gone on to hone her craft in the company of some of hyperpop’s biggest stars. Best-friend and touring DJ to the genre’s poster girl Hannah Diamond, Roma says the new project “explores my relationships that I’ve been in since I was a teen to the present day”.

Offering a a deeply-personal, sugar-sweet peek behind the curtain of love and heartbreak, ‘Really in Love’ sees Radz strip back more layers than ever before.

“Everything is super personal to me,” she says, “but people should be able to find a song within it to represent how they are currently feeling within their relationship; whether that’s sad, happy or angry…you could listen to certain songs alone in deep thought, or to party to and have fun.”

Across 5 genre-bending anthems, Roma criss-crosses around the borders of hyperpop, dipping into genres like midwestern emo, electronic, left-field hip hop and dance music to create her very own fireball of energy and emotion.

Opening song and title-track ‘Really in Love’, she says, is “about my first boyfriend who I was with for four years, and I never thought it was something that would naturally end. I feel like anyone who has ended a stable relationship in a healthy way can relate to this song. There’s no hard feelings, just a big part of your life changes and it needs reflecting on.”

Speaking about possibly the saddest song on the EP ‘U Always Leave Me’, Radz says: “It is about painful love where you literally feel like you are killing yourself in the process of trying to make a relationship work. I wanted my best friend Lightningboy on the track as his vibe was perfect for the song and he’s been there firsthand to see my love life develop and also fall apart.”

As well as featuring her hit track ‘Token’, the EP finishes with Radz’ latest phonewifey collaboration ‘BFIEC’, continuing one of the underground scene’s most consistent link ups : “It was important for me to end the EP on an upbeat track as, at my core, I think that is where I stand as an artist mostly. I’m excited to get this EP out in order to move on to the next stage in my music journey.”

Stream ‘Really In Love’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Really In Love’ by Roma Radz is out now via DMY.

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