Premiere: Throwing Snow’s percussive ‘Lithics’ uses an array of traditional instrumentation

The percussive cut uses instruments including the Bodhrán, Daff and Indian Esraj

18.02.21, Words by: Felicity Martin

Houndstooth mainstay Throwing Snow has unveiled new track ‘Lithics’, using a global array of instrumentation from India, Persia and Ireland.

“‘Lithics’ is the result of experiments with traditional instruments that I’ve been trying to learn over the last few years,” Throwing Snow explains. “The Bodhrán emulates an 808 kick while the Daff takes the snare and higher elements. The string line that intermingles with the synths is the Indian Esraj with a contact mic on the bridge played through various pedals.”

The track follows Throwing Snow’s last EP, ‘The Folly of Pangloss’, which arrived last year on Houndstooth under one-off alias Snowing Throw (listen to EP cut ‘Lose Again’). While his previous ‘The Death of Pragmatism’ EP saw him explore different angles of the Brexit debate.

Listen to ‘Lithics’:

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