Premiere: Oscar #worldpeace – No White God


Oscar #worldpeace released one of the UK's best projects of 2017 with Recluse, a short but sweet excursion into the mind of a multi-layered rapper portraying the vulnerabilities not only of himself but of his generation. As a result, he walked his way into our list of MCs to dominate 2018.

Since then, the north London MC has been readying the follow-up, a fiercer, more aggressive but ultimately hopeful take on the presentation of black people in this country. Titled IC3, the code for black people used by the Metropolitan Police, and out on May 11th via his own Worldpeace Recordings imprint, the EP promises Oscar at his most scathing and critical and, today, he kicks things off with a bang on 'No White God', premiering below.

A barbed piece of low-key hip-hop that takes aim at policing of black youths in the UK whilst promoting positivity and equality, Worldpeace tackles the subject with aplomb, trying to make sense of their decades long mistreatment.

Listen below and pre-order IC3 here.

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