Premiere: Niilas – Memoraids


Introducing Niilas, the 18 year old Norwegian production prodigy from Bergen, Norway. Following in the footsteps of some of the shining electronic talent that his hometown has produced before him – including Röyksopp, Casiokids and Drippin – Niilas has been fascinated by music since his early teens. Embodying the influences from peers around him, he also looks over the waters to Scotland, admiring the ornate synth structures of artists like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. The result is unique, and scarily concise for somebody of such a young age. 

His forthcoming release, the 'Memoraids' EP, is an iceberg of sounds that slowly melt away as you reach the core. The title track Memoraids is a mish-mash of club, bass and weightless sounds that channels Niilas' own brand of meditative futuristic bass music. Hip hop drums and an ambient bridge court with synths and blooping melodies, giving the track a highly energetic feel.

All eyes on Niilas.

'Memoraids' EP is out January 22nd on Balsa Wood.

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