Premiere: Nathan Micay adds a breakbeat edge to Malcolm’s ‘Badman’

The EP has enjoyed early support from Leftfield and Martyn...

25.03.20, Words by: Felicity Martin

Formerly known as Bwana, Toronto producer Nathan Micay has shown he means business under his birth name, releasing on Whities, ESP Institute and his own imprint, Schvitz Edits.

Following impressive reworks and his fantasy narrative-inspired debut album, ‘Blue Spring’, which came out on LuckyMe last year, Micay has turned his attention to Rinse France resident Malcolm’s ‘Badman’, giving it a ‘I’ll Have What I’m Having’ breakbeat spin.

“Snare rolls and syncopation are the name of the game with this remix,” Nathan Micay says. “Tried to make it as shifty as possible. Find your own beat amongst it all.”

Listen to Nathan Micay’s remix of ‘Badman’:

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Malcolm’s ‘Baptem’ EP is out now via Biologic Records – buy it here.

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