Premiere: Making – Come To Me (Null Remix)


Null's fascination with electronics has remained constant in his journey through genres and aliases, made most apparent by his use of excess hardware in both the live space and the studio. Whilst the Null project is far more calculated than his previous efforts, he insists that his objectives have not strayed far from his DIY roots: “That's the funny thing about being an artist, you can have a mission statement or a rationale, but 50% of what you make is always going to be a product of your artistic DNA and predisposition”.

Seemingly a perfectionist, Null admits that his debut EP Almost was essentially completed in 2013 but required an adequate amount of time to decipher the best visual representation of the music. This temperament shaped the creative direction employed for Null’s pseudo-corporation Null Electronics. Citing influence from the film Hackers and the first iteration of the Half-Life computer game, Null (alongside Patrick North at Acephale records and designers Cubex Godhand and Möbius Kline) created an audio-visual and digitally engaging package that “shared the same hallmarks as the EP and its manifesto: to pay homage to a classic aesthetic and bring it to a logical conclusion that makes sense in 2015”. Almost successfully caters to the short attention spans of digital natives, luring them with gimmicky mannerisms whilst retaining subtle complexities to appease the code-connoisseurs.

An album post-Almost has been discussed through pursed lips for a few years now and an ETA still remains to be set. Null admits the struggle lies within “returning to a piece of work I've heard literally thousands of times over and over for hours on end, something that has existed in several different iterations over the course of many months, and trying to reinvigorate both myself and the piece into a place of completion. After so many listens it all starts to sound like white noise and focus can be hard to retain”.

So how does one kill time between releases and deflect insanity amidst the grips of self-indulgent white noise? By embracing a new form of insanity derived from remixing a band that doesn’t lend itself to electronic reincarnations of course! According to Null, when he encountered the High Life EP by Making late last year “it just kinda fucked my shit up. It's a wild and raw record full of energy”. So inevitably, when asked to remix their track Come To Me the opportunity was a no-brainer. So how exactly does one remix a band that doesn’t lend itself to electronic reincarnations and still manage to appease both the band and their fan base? Null insists “those thoughts aren't welcome in the studio while I'm working on the actual remix – just after I press the send button on my Gmail”.

Listen to Null’s remix of Making’s Come To Me in the player below.

Null plays at Paradise Music Festival on November 27th-29th. Almost is available via Siberia Records / Acephale Records.

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