Premiere: Leo Abrahams – Chain (CFCF Remix)

29.09.15, Words by: Natalie /

With his latest single Chain, Leo Abrahams initially recorded the track's vocals himself before a long-time associate was asked to step in after a few friends teased him about it being plagiaristic. "People started saying it reminded them of Brian [Eno]! So I asked him to do it, and the end result is both of us singing together," says Abrahams in a statement. Copycat or not, their interplay on Chain is a stomping futuristic song that collides two contrasting vocal styles into a vacuum of distorted pop. 

On a new remix of the track by Michael Silver aka CFCF (premiering below), the Montreal-based producer has reworked the original into a song reflecting the smooth, modernist surfaces that Eno produced on 'Ambient 1: Music For Airports.' Tossing the vocals aside, what remains is a slightly muted techno beat that rests underneath the glistening synth layers built by Abrahams on the original. It may not be made for airport lounges, but it's most definitely made for travelling to a gauzy atmosphere high above the ground.

Listen to CFCF's remix of Chain below.

Leo Abrahams will release 'Daylight' on November 20th through Lo Recordings (pre-order).

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