Premiere: Karen Gwyer – Needs Continuum (Remix EP)


Following the release of Karen Gwyer’s promising debut ‘Needs Continuum’ a few months back, No Pain In Pop are now offering up a series of reinterpretations from the album, which we’re pleased to be premiering the first batch of.

Mostly focusing on album stand-out Pikku-Kokki, Not Not Fun artist Samantha Glass delivers a languid, dubby effort, while new UK producer Marrak offers theatrical synths and scuffling rhythms – and Neon Pulse provides an expansive, twilight take on Night Nails. The high point comes with Montrealean trio Doom Squad adding penetrating central beats and fervent counter-rhythms to Pikku-Kokki’s poised backbone, with whispered phrases hissing deep in the mix like some shamanic summoning. Stream all four remixes below.

No Pain In Pop released ‘Needs Continuum’ on the 25th February.