Premiere: Gazelle Twin - I Turn My Arm (Kuedo Remix)

Kuedo delivers a beatless, cosmic exploration of sound on his remix for Gazelle Twin.

We recently premiered the video for Gazelle Twin’s Heartbeat, a cover of a song by Wire taken from an EP that is getting a fairly lavish remix treatment. Film composer Clint Mansell, Alixander III (of Azari & III) and Renaissance Man have all leant their talents to reinterpreting the EP’s tracks, as well as the unstoppable Kuedo. The alias of ex-Vex’d man Jamie Teasdale, Kuedo produced one of 2011’s finest albums in the form of ‘Severant’ (as well as an awesome one-off single last year) which married huge, cinematic synths with the drum programming of modern electronic genres like trap and footwork. For his remix of Heartbeat, Kuedo ventures further away from the template he established on ‘Severant’ – the dystopian synths are still there, and they sound bigger than ever, but anybody expecting this to drop into a head-on Luger-style assault may be left wanting. Instead, it’s a beatless exploration of sound that is more traditionally kosmische than his recent work.

Fans should check out Kuedo’s 10 best ‘The Future Is Yet To Come’ tracks for us here.

Sugarcane will release Gazelle Twin’s ‘Mammal’ EP on January 29th, with remixes from Clint Mansell, Kuedo, Renaissance Man and Alixander III.

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