Premiere: Deep88 – Wave House Master


Deep88 emerges out of the London-based Série Limitée label, known for their sparse but quality brand of house music. The label is getting ready to release its latest collection of music from four of their newest recruits.

One of them is Deep88, who contributes 'Wave House Master'. Under the name of 'Deep 88', Alessandro Pasini's passion for house origins as far back as 1988, when his ears were already stuck to the radio while living in his hometown of Forli-Cesena, Italy. He listened to bootlegged cassettes of the DJs of the Riviera Adriatica golden age, which brought together pop chart tunes and underground tracks together in harmony.

On the track, Pasini has said: "'Wave House Master' is a warm, low temp house track, a sweet and deep combination of great baseline and sensual, melodic vocals. What this is all about is best summed up as just music, and it’s still just music. Sticking to basics."

Listen to 'Wave House Master' below:


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