Premiere: Icelandic rapper Countess Malaise drops post-apocalyptic visuals for ‘Veskið Mitt’

It's set in a bleak and strangely comforting virtual reality...


Based out of Reykjavík, you may have heard of Icelandic-Filipino rapper and visual artist Countess Malaise through our weekly-refreshed BRAND NEW playlist.

She’s just returned with a brand new song and video for ‘Veskið Mitt’ (meaning ‘My purse’). Created at the Rietveldt Art Academy in the Netherlands in collaboration with artist Valdemar Árni Guðmundsson, the post-apocalyptic visuals are set in a bleak and strangely comforting virtual reality.

Rapping in her native Icelandic, Countess Malaise spits about the perils of being broke, expressed in an old Filipino superstition related to her by her mother, stating that “you should never lay your purse on the floor.”

Produced by Icelandic beatmaker Bngrboy (a staple of Reykjavík’s vibrant rap scene) the thumping yet ethereal-sounding beat perfectly completes Countess Malaise’s ruthless delivery.

Keep a close eye out for Countess Malaise’s debut EP, which is set for release later this year.

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