Premiere: Bloom toes the line between beauty and abrasiveness on ‘Dark Energy’

Hear a new one from the deconstructed club producer adored by Björk...


Cast your mind back to 2012, when Bloom’s ‘Quartz’ dropped and had the UK underground scene collectively losing their mind. Released at a time when deconstructed club music was big business, it became something of a staple in the burgeoning instrumental grime scene.

Having since put out a couple of EPs and been commissioned by none other than Björk for a pair of remixes of her ‘Vulnicura’, the economical artist returns in 2018 for a six-tracked EP on Crazylegs, titled ‘Sfumato’.

Featuring transcendental choral stabs, screeching synths and glass shattering, Bloom’s abstract sound design on ‘Dark Energy’, which we’re premiering below, contains as many glimpses of beauty as abrasiveness.

“The name ‘Sfumato’ is a painting technique from the Renaissance period meaning without lines or borders, softening the transition between colours and tones from light to dark,” Bloom says.

“I thought it was an apt name for this release as it’s the most experimental and textured music I’ve released to date, which often switches from melody to chaos.”

‘Sfumato’ is out on November 23rd via Crazylegs – pre-order here.

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