Premiere: AHBS – Spill ft. K Rizz (Stryker Matthews remix ft. Jay Boogie)


What happens when two boys spend a long, cold North-Eastern winter in a Bushwick studio, working on a Latin infused electronic pop project and dreaming of "summer, sex, and herbal lifestyles"? AHBS' debut LP 'Mate y Agave', that's what. 

Bridging the gap between Buenos Aires and The Big Apple, the production pair debuted on NY label Doom Dab with a slew of guest vocalists including K Rizz and Jay Boogie. It's ripe for a club-ready mentality with Spanglish flavours, where only positive people may pass.

Since the release, the AHBS boys have been hard at work recruiting producers from all over the world to remix the fire tracks of 'Mate y Agave'. Having put together an impressive package of extremely diverse reinterpretations, the fruits are plentiful and now ready to share with the world via 'Mate y Agave, The Remixes'. Set for release on January 29th, the project includes contributions from some of Doom Dab's personal idols: Chico Sonido, Michael Magnan (Fatherhood/ Club Shade) and DJ Nita (The Carry Nation), along with Doom Dab artists Stryker Matthews and NAR.

We got our dirty mitts on honorary Brit Stryker's remix of Spill, which you can stream above. Rolling those Spanglish flavours up like a Philly B and smoking it in a bass-heavy Garden Of Eden, it's one you won't be able to sit down to. In AHBS's words:

"Stryker's remix of Spill was the first one we got back and it really got the ball rolling for the whole package. Add an original Jay Boogie verse on it and it's like throwing dynamite into a campfire. This is a real Doom Dab tour du force."

Doom Dab presents 'Mate y Agave,The Remixes' album release party at Le Bain, New York on January 28th (info).

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