Playlist: Brand New To Dummy (#BNTD)


We’re back with another selection of freshly picked tracks from a crop of up-and-coming artists ranging from hip-hop to synth-pop and anything in between! 

Making their way to our ‘Brand New To Dummy’(#BNTD) playlist this week is Hans Hu$tle & Tahnee Matthiesen’s haunting trip-hop, Vesce’s spanking new debut single ‘Zender’, the unapologetic Molly Brazy and Joe Cardamone’s genre-binding music.

Meanwhile, London/Paris based imprint Moveltraxx gifts us with new music from Japanese producer Hiroki Yamamura, German/Chinese electronic act & digital art project C.O.W. 牛 release a multi-cultural heater, Numi's atypical brand of R&B shines through in her latest track 'Rounds' and Bliss Nova's catchy vocal melodies and synth lines will leave you wanting more.

Listen to the full selection below.

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