phonewifey and ODG revive EDM’s golden era with dance-floor weapon ‘Turn It Down’

"Somewhere between Ke$ha-style party pop, Tomorrowland EDM and blown-out 808 club-trap..."

19.08.22, Words by: Billy Ward

phonewifey’s output this year has been nothing short of sensational, so it’s hardly surprising that the underground internet force is back again with a brand new offering.

Teaming up with London-based trance and hardstyle producer extraordinaire ODG, ‘Turn It Down’ is a dance-floor anthem reminiscent of EDM’s heyday. Both artists have been a staple of London’s underground club scene and this collaboration is sure to be lighting up basement and warehouse dance-floors this summer.

“I’d been wanting to work with ODG since I first heard them DJ at a night we were both involved with earlier this year,” says phonewifey. “They were making a blend of super bright and euphoric trance with some elements of booming 808 bass production and little segues into big-room EDM and hardstyle. We pretty instantly connected over music and agreed to send eachother some stuff and get working on a project together.

“The result is ‘Turn it Down’: a track that pitches somewhere between Ke$ha-style party pop, Tomorrowland EDM and blown-out 808 club-trap. ODG sent me what felt almost like an already complete piece of club music, which I then responded to by recording vocals and adding some bass and synths for a breakdown. Once we had both had our input the track really felt like a true dance-pop hybrid.”

The new single arrives after the release of ‘Lullaby’ earlier in the month, featuring fellow underground talents Mayh3mp & capoxxo. Combining phonewifey’s dreamy production and infectious hooks with capoxxo and Mayh3mp’s inimitable vocal style, the track is a wistful and melancholic song about romance and loss and marked the first of an exciting run of releases of which ‘Turn It Down’ is the latest.

Stream ‘Turn It Down’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Turn It Down’ by phonewifey is out now on New Dance Craze via DMY.

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