One quick question: Seahawks


Pete Fowler and Jon Tye have been navigating as Seahawks since 2009. The Cardiff-born, London-based ‘monster creator’ Pete is an illustrator best known for his artwork for Super Furry Animals. Jon from Cornwall is the frontman of the esoteric electronic label Lo Recordings, which compilated the nu-disco ‘Milky Disco’ series and have put out releases for artists such as Aphex Twins, Hatchback and Fisherspooner. In the past 18 months they have released a raft full of music on 3“CD, 12“s, 7”, CD and picture discs through Static Caravan and their own Captains Log label.

Pete described Seahawks as “two cosmic obsessive sailors at the synthetic seas who create a mind melding melange of deckshoegaze, cosmic yacht rock, marina drone and pan fried beach pop”. You can catch Seahawks in Manchester on 26th February as they will be guesting with an audio-visual treat at the lively Wet Play party. The two cosmic sea captains will be sailing back to London at the end of May to play at Balearica.

Can you describe or illustrate your ideal spaceship?

Pete: My ideal spaceship would be a combination of the mothership from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, mixed with the interior of the spaceship from the Hall and Oates’ LP ‘Bigger Than The Both Of Us’. I like the idea of a super cosmic UFO exterior with the interior being a cosy pad with Ritz crackers, wine, ferns and a ‘futuristic’ TV. I don’t know which one of us would rock Oates’ moustache but maybe we could both wear it on a rota. I’d imagine the interior would also contain several tons of synthesisers and electronics so that when we appeared over Maui at sunset we could have a jam.

Pete also illustrated his ideal spaceship and it looks like this:


Static Caravan has released Seahawks’ first LP from the Vision Quest series entitled ‘Vision Quest 1 – Spaceships Over Topanga Canyon’ in January 2011.

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