Nico Muhly – Drones & Violin


Based in New York City, Nico Muhly is a contemporary classical composer of phenomenal talent far beyond his 31 years. He has previously worked with other equally gifted artists such as Bjork, Grizzly Bear and Antony and the Johnsons.

His latest EP is entitled ‘Drones & Violin’ and is the third in Muhly’s three part series of EP’s called ‘Drones’. It is performed beautifully by Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto with Nadia Sirota and Nico Muhly, all coming together to show just how innovative this composer’s creations are. The sharp bites of fingers crashing against the piano’s keys put against high pitched whirrs of the violin take you on a incredible journey through suspense and terror. There are softer sounds occasionally thrown in the mix, which offer glimpses of hope, while forever keeping you on tenterhooks. Listen below.

The EP was released on August the 20th through Bedroom Community and is available to download from Nico Muhly’s website here.

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