New Music: Pearl De Luna – London Lullaby


Despite being a fresh face on the UK music scene, Pearl De Luna immediately demands attention. The daughter of legendary photographer Dennis Morris, her music is what happens Lana Del Rey meets FKA Twigs and Banks for an elusive yet alluring vibe, with the likes of Lonnie Liston Smith, Herbie Hancock, Bobbi Humphreys and Sun Ra permeating through her bold sound. Preferring not to waste any time, she will release her debut project, Synesthesia this Friday, January 26th, along with a short film with a twisted remix of Alice In Wonderland directed by Pearl herself and Bolade Banjo.

Her new track 'London Lullaby’ is a perfect intro, as she gives off an enigmatic aura with gentle, serene vocals and a stripped back sound behind her as she pays tribute to the city that shaped her. "I guess, 'London Lullaby' is me trying to find the peace within all the chaos putting someone to sleep to the familiar sounds of what to me and a lot of people would recognise as home," Pearl says. "From the sirens to the loud chatter outside pubs on a Thursday and Friday afternoon to also what I see. I’ve always found London to come across as quite rigid, grey and concrete. This is my 'London Lullaby.'”

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