New Music: Kémi Adé – Blurb

London-based singer Kémi Adé makes cool, breezy love songs that don't fall into the prototypical unrequited, courtly realms that they tend to be boxed into. Fusing R&B with soul, funk and rap for a refreshing combination, dubbed 'alternative soul', she has criminally gone under the radar but wowed us with last year's O.W.N.ESTY EP. She is now set to emerge from the shadows after nearly a year, making a statement on new single 'Blurb'.
Produced by Magic & Cyn, it is a bouncy ode to not looking at things at face value and yearning for a different kind of relationship, spiritual or otherwise. "'Blurb' is me saying I want you to look deeper. Don't be comfortable win surface interactions. I deserve more. You deserve more."

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