Melé – ‘Melé Vanelé Volume 2’


It didn't really ever go away, but recently it seems like there's been something of a revival of producers channelling video game aesthetics, which have ranged from dedications to industry heroes to an extended love-letter to the Sega Mega DriveNow Liverpudlian producer Melé can be added to that list, after sharing the follow-up to last year's Melé Vanelé mixtape.

It's more an evocation job than pastiche – take the jumped up mini-cover of D.M.X's X Gon Give It To Ya and Fantazia's HudMo horn claps and blasts settling amidst the coruscating, lowbit SFX. Meanwhile, the Snake Don Skit sneakily alludes to a lesser considered role playing games, that for addicted producers they're a convenient way to stay away from Serato or Ableton and more time working their fingers in front of the telly (has anyone considered whether post-GTA release-syndrome has a long-term effects on music releases, too? Just a thought.) You can stream 'Melé Vanelé Volume 2'  below, or head here for a download.

If you had any doubts about Melé's love of all things video games, check out him running down his all time top 5 games in our recent Quick Catch-Up


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