Manchester R&B talent FLISS shares her debut project ‘Situations’

"[The project] allowed me to be completely vulnerable and use this writing process as a therapeutic experience..."

12.09.22, Words by: Billy Ward

After first teasing a new project in October last year, Manchester-hailing songstress FLISS has delivered her debut EP ‘Situations’.

The singer-songwriter has really grown into her own sound following a string of singles over the past 2 years. Now confident with her brand of sultry alt-R&B, FLISS has her eyes set on big things going forward kickstarting a bold new chapter in her career with a glossy 4-track body of work.

‘Situations’ includes 2 previously released singles, ‘ON UR VIBE‘ and ‘Lava Lamp‘, as well as introducing fans to her new material with 2 more unheard tracks. One of the new additions, ‘More’, was the first song FLISS wrote with her current producer Mattu and set the tone for the rest of the project.

“I sent Matt a very short, a-cappella voice note of a little melody I had in my head,” says FLISS , “so we got into the studio and built the whole track from scratch around that idea. From that session I knew it was going to be the start of a special working relationship and friendship with Mattu. He is an incredibly talented musician and I feel so honoured to know him and even be a small part of his musical world.”

The additional new track ‘FRVdemo<3.wav’ is a stripped-back, heart break anthem about the battle between self worth and being the other woman: “Everything I write comes from real life experience and the studio environment I was in allowed me to be completely vulnerable and use this writing process as a therapeutic experience. I hope other people can get something from it when they listen to the project as a whole.

“I think the pandemic has really made us all look inward. The quiet solitude has helped us reflect on what we want for ourselves, what we want from love and has changed the way my peers and I treat each other and ourselves for the better”.

Stream the ‘Situations’ EP below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Situations’ by FLISS is out now via DMY.

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