London talent Tora impresses on debut EP ‘Cavalier’

It's a bold first move from the acclaimed vocalist...

03.07.20, Words by: Felicity Martin

London vocal talent Tora made her first official outing in March this year with ‘Vein’, her debut single.

Released last Friday, follow-up EP ‘Cavalier‘ finds her lacing trip-hop-inflected, late-night beats with her own unique vocal.

“In the process of writing Cavalier, I learnt a lot about myself and with that I noticed how most things stemmed from the way I’d accept things out of ease,” Tora says. “By putting it into words and now into the world, it’s real and therefore I had to change. Like “you’ve said it now, there’s nothing else that can be done.”

EP track ‘Escape Room’ was also granted its own visual, which you can watch below.

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