Julia Holter – In The Same Room

02.02.12, Words by: Charlie Jones

You’re reading this because you like interesting music, and like finding out about new music, but there’s a realisation that every writer gets that a recommendation to a reader is likely to go in one ear, and out the other. Now, the internet makes people prone to shouting, so words like “genius” and “sublime” get tossed around cheaply. If, in the three years Dummy has been posting, we have built up any trust between you and us, we’d like to invest it in the song below, and encourage you to buy, and love the album that it comes from. It’s called ‘Exstasis’, and it’s out in early March on RVNG.

Because what is going on here, right here, is little less than a re-arrangement of melody and a new way of writing songs. There is simply no-one capable of making music as fresh, eternal and deep as Julia Holter at the moment, and whether you’ve been aware of her since her early tapes, or are reading anew, I cannot stress enough what a rare talent we are dealing with here.

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