Jme, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee are Norf Face

Listen to the four-piece's first single 'Baitest Sound' now...

10.02.21, Words by: Felicity Martin

Tottenham rappers Jme, Frisco, Shorty and Capo Lee have joined forces under new moniker Norf Face, with the group’s first single ‘Baitest Sound’ out now.

An upcoming ‘Norf Face’ album is set for release on March 5th 2021, along with a short visual documentary about growing up in N17.

Speaking to DJ Target about the joint project, Capo Lee said: “I basically just thought can we just do a North London settings project because everyone’s showering and man ain’t really linked on a project like that.”

Listen to ‘Baitest Sound’ below.

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