Jhene Aiko – Do Better Blues (part II) [MP3]

15.07.11, Words by: Charlie Jones

Trey Songz’ version of Kelly Rowland’s Motivation is brilliant; melodies are subtly changed, the beat is re-worked and the end result is a verse that stands out above and beyond the original. Sultry LA-based singer Jhene Aiko seems to have put in less work on her version of Marvin’s Room, simply re-writing Drake’s lyrics, but the original melody is so tear-jerkingly great that it doesn’t seem to matter. Even though her exceptional free mix-tape ‘Sailing Souls’ proved that she doesn’t need auto-tune, Jhene follows Drake faithfully through the track, pulling at the same heart strings along the way. All that this version needs is a video where Jhene and Drake press their hands against the glass of different apartment windows while they stare out into the rain.

Download Jhene Aiko’s ‘Sailing Souls’

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