Friendly Fires and The Asphodells – Before Your Eyes


So the story sounds about as casual as they come: Friendly Fires and The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall and engineer Timothy J. Fairplay) went to the pub and chatted about making some music together. A bunch of studio jams later, and out came Before Your Eyes and Velo: they're set to form the ideal AA-side release to get Friendly Fires' new imprint, Telophase, going. 

Before Your Eyes carries the carefree air of a labour of love, and as intended its shoegaze-y mellow groove feels like fresh ground for all those involved for various reasons. But reaching out to nearly eight minutes, you can still hear Ed Macfarlane's unmistakable falsetto tones creeping into the mix. It's cliched going for weather references, but it's difficult hearing not basking in Before Your Eyes' glow without thinking of the blossoming of Spring. Listen close, and you can almost hear the bleating of lambs and the chirping of birds (but not quite). 

More Dummy Mixes to refer back to here: the legendary Mr. Weatherall took us through space for his contribution, while Friendly Fires' Jack Salvidge showed some love for house and disco.

Telephase will release 'Before Your Eyes/Velo' on March 31st 2014. 

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