Fatima Al Qadiri – Star-Spangled


To mark the US' July 4th Independence Day celebrations, Fatima Al Qadiri has gone and done a Jimi Hendrix and covered the Star-Spangled Banner, her contribution toward Adult Swim's ongoing (and often very good) yearly single series. Al Qadiri's work almost always carries a political angle, and here set her signature synth reverberations to the US national anthem, dedicating the piece "to American national nightmares. On one hand, dark dreams of suburban serial killers and mangled hitch-hike heads. On the other, a false hope of national greatness cooked by covert agendas." Star-Spangled will be up for a download via Adult Swim site from tomorrow; read Dummy's take on her complex, exploratory Hyperdub debut, 'Asiatisch' here

[via Wired]

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