Farrah’s shimmery R&B single ‘Room For 2’ is about being the love of your own life

"I have always struggled to care for myself the way I care for others..."

22.09.22, Words by: Billy Ward

British-Iranian singer-songwriter Farrah is back with a spell-binding new single to mark her second entry in 2022, ‘Room For 2’.

Following on from the release of her velvety pop anthem ‘Freewheeling’ back in March, the up-and-coming songstress has returned to the theme of love and relationships that punctuates much of her ever-growing discography on the new track.

Describing the meaning behind her latest track, Farrah says: “I think there is a lot of pressure to find ‘the one’ but it’s important to be the love of your own life so you can flourish and take care of yourself properly before investing time and energy into others in a healthy way. I have always struggled to care for myself the way I care for others but if you don’t find that healthy balance it’s destructive for everyone involved.” 

Farrah ended last year on a high with the arrival of her debut EP ‘Night Light’, an ambitious project taking inspiration from her heritage and establishing the foundations for her continued success. Building upon what she started with that project, ‘Room For 2’ peels back the layers once again, revealing a vulnerable side to Farrah where she’s capable of making her most emotionally-charged and relatable work.

Stream ‘Room For 2’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Room For 2’ by Farrah is out now via DMY.

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