Delphic “There was an extra 25% we simply couldn’t do.”

11.03.09, Words by: Charlie Jones

Every band should make music for the future. Manchester-based trio Delphic follow a decent mantra, saying “we try to take in and do better what people have done previously.”

Formed from the ashes of the sometime hyped band Snowfight In The City Centre the original pair in the band, guitarist Matt and multi-instrumentalist Rick, have known each other from since they were kids, as Matt explains: “”Me and Rick were at school together and were in various bands previously. We weren’t happy with writing songs to get signed, which is what we were doing, so we disbanded and decided to write what we really wanted to, getting James [vocals] in to help.”

The result of this volte face turns out to be a thrilling mix of synth bands like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk (who Matt repeatedly cites as an influence), but laced with Hi-NRG dance, ‘90s rave, the rock sensibilities of Bloc Party and, yes, the lingering shadow of The Hacienda, New Order and Factory Records. This is something they’re aware of, with Matt saying: “As a Manchester band you have got be aware of your heritage and they’re [New Order] obviously an influence but you have to surpass that and make your own path. We need to be unashamed to say we’re a Manchester band and then go beyond that. Have that ‘fuck the world’ type thing and just go and do this”. The tactic worked: a few weeks ago they signed to the recently re-launched R&S Records – legendary for its early Aphex Twin releases, among others – and starting work with Berlin-based DJ/producer Ewan Pearson on their single Counterpoint.

“We weren’t quite sure what we wanted so we initially recorded on our own”, says Matt. “But there was an extra 25% we simply couldn’t do, so Dan Foat [R&S scout and Phonica staffer] sorted out the sessions with Ewan.” He adds, somewhat conclusively, “Basically, the aim is to make dance music with a bit of a soul. Whatever comes of the sessions, the song has to be the foundation of what we’re doing.”

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Counterpoint out 13th April 2009 on 12” and download through R&S. Delphic play our party at the Queen of Hoxton on Friday 13th March

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