DEELA hits up KA$H for trap cut ‘ROLLING STONES’

The new single caps off a rewarding year for the up-and-coming rapper

04.12.20, Words by: Billy Ward

When she’s not studying for her Biomedical Sciences degree at university, rapper DEELA is putting the work in musically.

With a handful of tracks already under her belt this year, the 18 year-old’s new single ‘ROLLING STONES’ is a return to form. Released via our DMY Artists, DEELA teams up with underground rapper KA$H for a trap-charged cut that encompasses the British-Nigerian’s unique flow and versatility.

Speaking about the new single, DEELA says: “I remember when I first started making music and KA$H DM’d me on Twitter saying to send ‘an open whenever’ and I remember being so excited! He’s been making music for such a long time and I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing he liked the singles I had put out.

“I knew if we were gonna collaborate on song together, I had to push myself out of the box and hop on a track with a completely different vibe. Listen and let it transcend your body with the beat.”

Stream ‘ROLLING STONES’ below.

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