Chip pays tribute to late friend Black The Ripper on ‘0420’

All proceeds from the track are being donated to Black The Ripper's family...

21.04.20, Words by: Billy Ward

Chip has released a track in dedication to fellow rapper and longtime friend Black The Ripper who sadly passed away earlier this month.

The late North London MC, real name Dean West, made a name for himself as a rising grime artist in the early 2000s before becoming a well-known advocate for the legalisation of cannabis in the UK.

Having been good friends with Chip since the early days of grime, new release ‘0420 (R.I.P Black The Ripper)’ is a heartfelt homage detailing the realness of the friendship they shared.

In a timely drop on 4/20, the visuals clip in nostalgic early pictures of the pair together as well as photos from more recent times.

The track outlines how news of Black The Ripper’s death came hours after Chip’s uncle had also passed away, all the same time his ‘Insomnia’ album with Skepta and Young Adz was scaling the charts.

Chip also described his fear of losing Bugzy Malone after he was involved in a life-threatening quad bike crash in March.

All proceeds from ‘0420 (R.I.P Black The Ripper) will be donated to the late rapper’s family.

Watch the video:

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