Blondes write debut score, show love for Sophie B Hawkins

07.01.11, Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Back in October, New York duo Blondes took part in Easy Not Easy, a festival organised by long-standing experimental music organisation Roulette. They were one of eight composers who contributed scores for a chamber orchestra to play to help raise money for Roulette’s move to a new venue in downtown Brooklyn. I went along after Blondes interviewed Meredith Monk (listen to Blondes discussing the score with Meredith here) and it turned out to be an exhilarating, out-there and, on occasion, very funny evening: Dan Deacon’s contribution (aptly titled ‘Piece’) turned the confused audience out onto the street.

Here’s a live audio recording of Blondes’ composition ‘Beside You’, inspired by and tracked to the video for Sophie B Hawkins’ early 90s classic Right Beside You.

BLONDES – Beside You (Live at Roulette 10-9-10) from BlondesHDz on Vimeo.

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